onsdag 3. april 2013

wintering Lesser Black-backed Gull in Oslo

This winter a LBBG has wintered in Oslo. It was first seen in December, and have been seen a couple of times since that. I saw it again yesterday, and that made me blog this.

All photos above taken by me, 9. feb, on Aker Brygge. Yesterday it looked more or less similar, so no moult going on. The bird is a 2.winter. I have many times questioned it age, but that is mainly because I am used to 2.summer intermedius/graellsii with a lot of new feathers on the back and moult in primaries. From what I find on the internet it is quite normal for a 2.winter L.fuscus. The bird seems to have changed almost all feathers (most obvious: primaries, tail, secondaries, coverts) one time, and changed them with second generation feathers. Subspecie-wise it is a intermedius/graellsii, mainly because of moult cycle.

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