torsdag 6. september 2012

Common Gulls

Another failed search for Med Gull today. Some Common Gulls:

Dark 1cy moulting into first-winter
Appeared long-winged

tirsdag 4. september 2012

Lesser Black-backed Gull, Oslo - Finland - Oslo

24. July I managed to successfully read a Norwegian metalring on a LBBG at Langvannet. Got back the recoveries last week, and read through the list. The gull was ringed in 2008 on Alv in Oslo, and only had one recovery before I read it on Langvannet. Only thing, this was in Finland! 27. May last year the intermedius gull was seen on a dump in Finland. Most likely caught in a canon-nett, but it could have been read in field. Anyhow, last year this gull was 3cy, meaning that it had gone one summer (as 2cy) together with the other 2cy LBBG  in south Europe or Africa (or some other place). Than as 3cy it flew north and ended up in Finland. After this it is likely that it flew south to Africa or south Europe (or some other place), before flying north to Oslo and ending up on Langvannet with the Lesser Black-backed here (as a 4cy) (I almost manage to read it in April, but was missing a few digits). In April I wasn't looking that closely on the LBBG, so I don't know if any of them where fuscus than. There will be a next year!

Together with all the dark and bright looking LBBG on Langvannet in end of the metalring-bird-period this is a really interesting recovery. It means that fuscus gulls from Finland can end up in Oslo. Yet we don't have any proves that this have ever happened (at least not as I know of), but it have to be possible.