onsdag 11. september 2013

First for Norway: Philadelphia Vireo

No, this isn't about gulls. But this bird really need more attention!

On friday (6.) Jorunn Villand took some photos of a small warbler-like bird at Linnesstanda. She took some photos. There have been photos of it on Artsobservasjoner, but I will put out some edited and optimized photos that Jorunn sent me. This are all photos available of the bird.

In the photos on Artsobservasjoner the bird may be hard to identify with 100% certainty. Here on the other hand... (no problems in my mind). Head markings, dark-looking primary coverts, grey upperparts contrasting yellow underparts. This is the first for Norway if it gets accepted by NSKF.

If any one want to go look for it, it was seen by this parking lot:

Vis større kart

It sat in some single bushes before flying into the gardens. If I should guess it is still close by, in one of the hedges in one of the gardens in the area! Go look for it! (some have done so many times, but so far with negative result)

Download all original (as good as available at least) files here or here